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Hostaria in Certosa

by Alajmo

Choose an experience of food and wine in a breathtaking place

It’s an incredible story:
a place that is also born from the contribution of the ideas of many of our staff
animated by the desire to start again,

to revive Venice, to animate the lagoon and welcome our guests

Raffaele Alajmo

From the breakfast to the dinner, passing through the moment of the aperitif and the ice cream to be consumed in a hot summer afternoon, the Hostaria in Certosa, a summer restaurant run by the Alajmo Group, is the perfect place to live a moment of gastronomic passion.

Every meal is cured to the smallest detail, giving customers the opportunity to interface with both local tradition and culinary innovation. This restaurant, paying attention to the quality of the product, the skilled hands of those who work it and the breathtaking view, can be considered the best perspective for an immersion in the world of Venice and its flavours.

Your moments at the Hostaria in Certosa will be guided by a team of experts who will take you through the world of flavours available at all times of the day, from the delicious fish dishes at lunch and dinner to the most suitable cocktails for after dinner, thanks to the famous bartender, Lucas Kelm.

One hundred people outdoor and thirty in its indoor room can be accommodated, and in the various lounges. And of course, there is also a take-away service managed through a digital platform that speeds up the booking and payment process, with the order delivered directly to your boat.

Temptations from the Menu

Contact us for the special dishes that you can find in our menu.