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About us

VdV srl was set up in 2003 in Cer­tosa Island to plan, set up and manage rec­reational boating facilities and services in Venice lagoon, as well as to use nautical activities as a tool to help regenerate and revitalise degraded local areas.

In 2004 VdV opened VENEZIA CERTOSA MARINA, a multi-purpose centre for nautical activities, with the aim of revitalizing the abandoned island through the establishment of economic activities and services for residents and tourists.

The marina in­cludes a boatyard for the construction and maintenance of tradi­tional Venetian craft, technical support facilities for all kinds of leisure craft, training and promotional activities for water sports and a nautical school. The island has mooring facilities for all types of boats and leisure craft and a three-stars Hotel with Bar and restaurant.

In order to pursue its mission of regenerating the entire island, VdV completed a study for the renovation of the is­land’s buildings and open spaces with a public-private partner­ship that won the tender for managing the entire area for the next fifty years.