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The Park

Certosa is one of the largest islands in the lagoon of Venice. Its geographical position, less than 200 meters from the district of S. Pietro di Castello and 2km from Piazza S. Marco, allows you to consider it part of the city center.
At the same time, the interesting history of the island and its natural value make the Certosa part of the particular environmental and socio-economic context of the northern lagoon.


Certosa was, from the XII century, first seat of an Augustinian and Carthusian monastery and then used for military purposes until the ’60 of the last century.
After decades of abandonment, in 2005 Vento di Venezia, thank a public – private partnership, has settled in the island giving life to a series of activities of valorization and requalification of the entire compendium.

Companies in Island

Vento di Venezia hosts some of the most innovative realities of the Venetian panorama, which complete the offer of the island and ma range of possibilities to customers of the Venice Certosa Marina.  These include a company that rents electric-powered classic boats Classic Boats Venice, a company that organizes kayak tours in the lagoon and city Venice Kayak, a boat equipment shop Uship and a shipyard that builds classic boats, the Vidal Brothers.