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The Venezia Certosa Marina offers shipbuilding and indoor and outdoor garaging services for yacht thanks to a large yard and a crane for launching and hauling services, and a trolley or potting service.

Our shipyard employs the workforce from the F.lli Vidal shipyard, specializing in the construction and maintenance of traditional boats, pleasure boats and work boats.
It guarantees high-quality and reliable craftsmanship.

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The main activity of the shipyard is the design and construction of modern and traditional sailing and motor boats.
You can find the result of advanced design solutions and the combination of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.
The Certosa shipyard also aims to promote knowledge of the sea and navigation through the construction and restoration of traditional Venetian boats.

Haulage and Launch

The haulage and launching service can lift sailing and motor boats of up to 22 tonnes.
A hull cleaning, sanding and antifouling service is also available.
Boat handling by sea and land.


The carpentry and mechanical workshop are able to guarantee accurate maintenance of hulls and equipment, repairing or building every element of the boat that requires mechanical, hydraulic and electronic intervention.
Among the various ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services, the Venezia Certosa Marina offers: stuccoing, sanding, fibreglass lamination, repairing tenders and dinghies, washing the boat (including teak), cleaning the cockpit, bilges and/or cabins, cleaning the hull with divers, polishing steels, sides and deck, and replacing zinc.


We also offer a garaging service, giving you the possibility to put your boat indoors, in a 750m² equipped shed, or outdoors, on a yard of more than 4000m².
There are also trolleys and reservoirs of different sizes, adaptable according to the needs.
Venezia Certosa Marina is a reference point for the repair, maintenance, overhaul and servicing of inboard and outboard marine engines.

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