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Venezia Certosa Marina diventa Bandiera Blu 2021

The Venezia Certosa Marina has been awarded the FEE Blue Flag 2021, confirming its status as a high-quality place that pays attention to environmental issues and the accessibility of its spaces.

The venetian reality has confirmed its commitment to increasing quality standards that can bring well-being to visitors in a sustainable way.

As Massimiliano De Martin, Municipal Councillor for the Environment, together with Michele Zuin, Councillor for Participated Companies, and Emilio Guberti, President of the Municipality of Lido-Pellestrina, recalled, “The Blue Flag is not the application of a law but is recognition of a commitment to putting something extra into providing quality standards of a certain level“.

The Veneto coast, from San Michele al Tagliamento to the province of Rovigo, is decorated with many blue flags (both beaches and tourist landings), confirming the importance of maintaining high standards.


The Venezia Certosa Marina is the only city marina to be awarded the Blue Flag. Until 2018 Venice did not have one on pleasure craft but only on beaches. Recognition of the Certosa Marina has allowed (Venice) to include us in wanting to commit to pleasure boating as well. We want this policy to become increasingly large-scale,” commented Councillor De Martin.

Every day Vento di Venezia makes the issue of sustainability a cornerstone on which to create new possibilities for the citizens who frequent the island and for the yachtsmen who moor in the lagoon. The Blue Flag is the crowning achievement of the efforts made during 2020 and the first months of 2021.

We took the stimulus of the Blue Flag as a guideline for new investments, both in terms of services and environmental sustainability,” comments Alberto Sonino, Vento di Venezia’s Administration “We decided to keep a standard that would not only apply to the Blue Flag but also to ISO certifications. One example is having invested in the largest photovoltaic system in Venice“.